Dale Axelrod’s profound interest in color stems from his experience at the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, Massachusetts. After moving to San Francisco in the early 70's, he would return each summer to study with master colorist and teacher Henry Hensche, who taught students how to see and interpret the varying light keys of nature through accurate color relationships.

His career includes enthusiastic excursions (www.caricaturist.com) into other media—from his days at PCA (Philadelphia College of Art) where he graduated with a degree in Motion Picture, to his extensive involvement in San Francisco arts and politics (producing posters and graphics for numerous campaigns, and helping coordinate two ballot initiatives allowing street artists to operate legally on the sidewalks in San Francisco). Since his work with Hensche, however, he has always kept his eye and hand attuned to the simple process of ”placing one spot of color next to another" as a means of honoring and sharing the visual beauty of the world around us.

Dale has recently developed and patented a series of interface concepts (Connected Color Tools™) designed to link traditional coloring materials with the current use of digital graphics (www.FineArtTech.com). 

This marriage of technologies is one of the key components in the series of computer-presented painting tutorials and ONLINE classes produced with his wife, Camille Przewodek, who paints and teaches color in Northern California, and in workshops all across the US.


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Self-portrait, pastel, 18 x24”

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Hensche-Hawthorne Tradition—

Check out these dedicated sites:

        Henry Hensche Facebook Group (website)----------------https://www.facebook.com/groups/43555364630/

            Treasure trove of images and informative comments and notes by current students & teachers.

        Cape School of Art (website)----------------------------------http://capeschoolofart.org/

            Henry Hensche’s former students have reorganized the school as a non-profit in order to to help pass on the

            principles and enduring influence of Hensche, and his mentor Charles W. Hawthorne

        The Henry Hensche Foundation/Archive---------http://www.henryhensche.com

            A landmark achievement in painting instruction—by teaching students to see and express the light keys of
            nature through accurate color relationships, our goal is to preserve not just the voluminous works of Henry
            Hensche, but the practical and historical legacy of his teaching principles.


(My) Top 11 Active Exponents of the Hensche-Hawthorne Tradition—

An admittedly subjective selection (organized alphabetically) of current 11 top teachers based on personal knowledge
&/or the work they have up on the web :

        Sammy Britt (Cleveland MS) ---------------------------------- http://www.sammybritt.com

        Clayton Buchanan (Newburgh NY) -------------------------- http://claytonbuchananart.com

        Rick Casali (Annapolis MD) ------------------------------------ http://www.rickcasali.com/

        John Clayton (Provincetown MA) ----------------------------- http://www.johnclaytonstudio.com/bio.html

        John Ebersberger (Annapolis MD) --------------------------- http://www.johnebersberger.com

        Cedric and Joanette Egeli (Edgewater MD) --------------- http://www.egelistudio.com

        GT Kerr (Starkville MS) -------------------------- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBIV6FoebKYYwf9Qr0TJ3kA/videos

        Rob Longley (Delmar NY) -------------------------------------- http://roblongleyfineart.weebly.com/  and www.roblongley.com

        Margaret McWethy (Marshfield Hills MA) ------------------- http://www.margaretmcwethy.com

        Hilda Neily (Provincetown MA) -------------------------------- http://www.hildaneilygallery.com

        Camille Przewodek (Petaluma CA) -------------------------- http://www.przewodek.com

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Plein air painting

Hawthorne On Painting — Collected by Mrs. Charles W. Hawthorne

        THE definitive book on color in painting!

(see reader reviews on Amazon.com for many 5-star recommendations!)

Purchase at your local, independently-owned bookstore, or directly from Dover Publications

<—— (Click on cover to see more images)

        • Hensche On Painting: A Student’s Notebook by John W. Robichaux

        • The Art of Seeing and Painting by Henry Hensche (out of print—however, a FREE pdf available at the Henry
                Hensche Facebook group’s “File” page: 
https://www.facebook.com/groups/43555364630/files/ )

        Books & Videos

        • Painting Light: The Cape School Method, with Camille Przewodek — DVD from American Artist Magazine

        • MONDAYS with CAMILLE — Capturing the Key of Light in Color — Book (inc. supplementary disc)


        • Painting the Impressionist Landscape — Book, and 3 videos (in DVD format!) by Lois Griffel


        • Capturing Radiant Light & Color — Book by Susan Sarback


        • Henry Hensche, An American Master — A Video Documentary  (VHS) by Albert R. Guidry

            Out of print (Remastered DVD hoped to be available in the future from the Henry Hensche Foundation/Archive)



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